Luxury transformed.



The powerboat-like catamaran mode, using both hull engines with two jet drives, is the standard driving mode of the KORMARAN, giving you the super sports car cabriolet driving sensation, combining the agility and stability of a catamaran. Height adjustment allows you to step easily on and off at a landing stage.

For enhanced performance in this mode, more powerful hull engines can be installed.


At low speed, the trimaran-like mode is enabled, transforming the KORMARAN into an real eye catcher, elegantly and smoothly gliding with even greater stability. Manoeuverability is enhanced with a special docking modus, turning the boat at the spot, even moving sideways for docking.

Height adjustment allows you to avoid waves hitting the central
hull or the platform and to navigate shallow waters even with optional hydrofoils.



A take off with the KORMARAN is an absolute unique experience, using the optional hydrofoil system with a third central engine, which provides a powerful central water jet, which is up to 3 times as long as the KORMARAN itself. Flying at up to one meter above sea level, gives you a jet plane feeling, with a smooth and comfortable ride, decoupled from the effects of the waves, turning easily in close curves, flying without slamming and spray. Up to an 80% reduction in the water resistance allows long distances to be driven sustainably.

At night, the special light design make the KORMARAN appear like a comet.


Opening the bathing platform and the butterfly wing doors with their running boards, the KORMARAN can be elegantly transformed into an luxury island with a multi functional platform for sunbathing, diving & swimming, partying or just chilling in a comfortable lounge.

Maybe 007 could come up with alternative uses for this practical feature!


The essence of the KORMARAN is to transform, to convert itself. To perfectly adjust to every situation. To expand the user’s freedom. To combine optimum comfort with safety, power and elegance. To effectively and sustainably enhance the world of the oceans. To swim, to drive and to fly. A legendary mythical creature, which performs a metamorphosis (Greek mythology: transformation) at it’s owners wish.

The KORMARAN Transformation System is a groundbreaking innovation, allowing the KORMARAN to change the distance between the hulls and the height of the central passenger cabin. In this way the transformation system allows the variability and the multi-functionality of the vessel. The structural parts of the transformation system are made of carbon fiber and stainless steel hydraulic cylinders, absorbing all the forces acting on the vessel.


Computer-aided design (CAD) and Finite Element Methods (FEM) are used for the engineering of the complete watercraft.

The KORMARAN includes a structural carbon fiber monocoque like a Formula 1 car, produced to automotive prepreg quality standards by the world’s leading carbon fiber manufacturer for super sports cars. The structural parts of the transformation system are engineered with Le Mans racing technology for 48 special load cases including the marine standards. The propulsion shafts are designed with DTM racing towpreg carbon fiber winding technology and the bodywork is engineered with prepreg aircraft technology, to achieve absolutely lightweight construction.


The KORMARAN fascinates from the first glance. The use of hydrofoils expands the vision of the KORMARAN.

In flight, the water resistance can be reduced by up to 80%. With the impressive speed records of the exciting series in the America‘s Cup, hydrofoils are red-hot in water sports. The advantages are obvious – higher speeds with lower energy consumption and a much more comfortable ride without slamming and spray, thanks to the decoupling from the waves.

The completely newly designed KORMARAN hydrofoils, developed with America’s Cup specialists, also undergo Finite Element Methods (FEM) and Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD) analysis.

The KORMARAN Hydrofoil Technology combined with the KORMARAN Transformation System even allows the KORMARAN to drive in shallow waters and also to land on shore.